Why is KING MICHAEL...A Glorious Tribute to the King of Pop the #1 Michael Jackson Tribute in the world today?


IT IS UNLIKE any other Theatrical Experience on the Planet!

IT IS an emotional connection to Michael Jackson's essence!


Cast Includes:
World's Best Michael Jackson Singing Tribute Artists
World's Best Michael Jackson Dancing Tribute Artists
Beat Boxer (vocal percussionist for those that are not familiar with the term beat boxer)
All Star Dance Company (included are Contemporary Dancers and Break Dancers/Poppers & Lockers)
Specialty Acrobatic Break Dance Power Tumblers
Live band with Grammy Award Winning Artists
Specialty Percussionists (Conga player, Bucket drummer etc.)
Background Vocalists
Gospel Choir

About the KING MICHAEL Team:
STEVE LOVE – Executive Producer
Since 1985, Steve Love has conceived and directed numerous touring productions that have received worldwide acclaim. The long list includes hits such as BREAK! The Urban Funk Spectacular, The New York Express Roller Dance Company, Champions of the Dance and Cirque D’amour. He has hosted his own TV show, Love on Wheels! and choreographed and directed numerous music videos, commercials, and industrials. Clients include MTV, SONY, America On Line, Lucent Technologies, Starburst, Cheerios, and Time/Life. He has worked closely and appeared with numerous celebrities including Bill Cosby, Ben Vereen, Demi Moore, Jeff Daniels, Conan O'Brian, Tisha Campbell, Nicolas Cage, Lou Gossett Jr. and two-time Academy award-winning director Robert Wise. As a producer/director, Mr. Love's various performing companies have enthralled millions in theaters and arenas across the five continents.
DARRIN M. ROSS – Producer/Director/Sound Designer
Darrin Ross has been producing and engineering songs since 1984 with Jam On Productions. He was the recipient of a 2001 New York Dance & Performance Award (BESSIE) and has worked with numerous artists including Stevie Wonder, Roberta Flack, Whoopie Goldberg and Will Smith.  Broadway shows design credits include  Maurice Hines Hot Feet, Top Underdog and The Actors Rap.  Numerous other production credits include  Facing Mekka, Rome and Jewels, The Memphis Ballet and Champions of the Dance. He has also completed the score and sound design for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's Beyond The Steps PBS Documentary and for their ballets “Love Stories and Reminiscin.”  Most recently Darrin was chosen to be a cultural ambassador for the United States representing Dance Motion.
VAL BROCHARD - Visual Production
Val Brochard and Steve Love have a long-term working relationship, having collaborated on several productions and projects. Ms. Brochard has produced many concerts as well as numerous music and industrial videos. She has conceived and directed commercials for brands such as Budweiser, Rogaine, Claritin, and M & M’s. In addition, Ms. Brochard has produced several independent feature films, including Ocean Park, the multiple award-winner of the 2002 Los Angeles and New York Independent Film Festivals. “I must admit that KING MICHAEL holds a very special place in my heart. Our cast members are not only talented, creative and beautiful, they are also gracious and generous. Their love for Michael Jackson is contagious and I promise you that KING MICHAEL will leave you charged up with tons of positive energy!”
AL CRAWFORD – Lighting Designer
Al Crawford has produced the lighting for performances, events and projects in 48 states in the US and over 45 countries. He is enjoying his twelfth season as the Lighting Director for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Numerous credits include Double Exposure for the Lincoln Center Festival and scenic and lighting designs for HERE…NOW. , a work commissioned by the Cultural Olympiad at the Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games.
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