Brandon ‘Michael’ Jones


Brandon ‘Michael’ Jones

(80s’) MJ Tribute Artist, Singer and Dancer

By age 20, Brandon ‘Michael’ Jones has already established himself as one of the top Michael Jackson impersonators/performers in the USA and Canada. He is one of very few MJ impersonators who has mastered the look, the dance and the live vocals to create the “Michael” experience.

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Brandon’s love for Michael started at a very your age. One day, he and his mom watched a rerun of the TV special “Motown 25” that featured Michael Jackson and a reunion of the Jackson 5. The sparkles in his eyes said it all: from this moment, he would study Michael and would sing and dance alongside the television any chance he got. His first performance was for his school’s talent show when he was 7 years old. This particular performance launched his professional career as his mom started to receive phone calls to hire him for performing at parties, parades and so on.

Brandon went on to impersonate “Young Michael” throughout his teens, performing at schools, fairs, festivals and private events. In high school, he produced his own show for a major event, choreographing for his troupe of dancers and taking care of all aspects of the show on his own.In 2013, he auditioned for the long running impersonator show, “Legends in Concert” and was hired on the spot! He was immediately flown to Honolulu to perform for 6 weeks followed by a 3-month engagement in Atlantic City.Brandon is delighted to join the cast of King Michael and take on the rest of the world!