Jacquez Swanigan


Jacquez Swanigan

(60s-70s’) MJ Tribute Artist, Singer

Jacquez sang his first solo at age 4 at his home church. He was introduced to the music of Michael Jackson at age 6, performing “Who’s Loving You” for his school talent show. Since then, he has portrayed “Little Michael Jackson” in several stage shows.

Jacquez is in high demand these days. With more than 75 performances, you probably have seen him on TV (“America’s Got Talent,” “Maury’s Most Talented Kids,” “The Player”) or even live at a special occasion (National Anthem for the Brooklyn Nets).

Jacquez has a loving family and parents who have been dedicated to him and his love for music and the performing arts. Jacquez would like to thank everyone who has supported him on his journey thus far.