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"PHENOMENAL... an extravaganza that had the audience in awe."
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July 6, 2010

Dear Presenters:

It is with great pleasure that I recommend KING MICHAEL for your upcoming performing arts series.

I first saw a showcase (very short version) of King Michael at the New York Hilton Hotel during last January’s APAP conference. The producer of the show, Steve Love of Love Productions Inc., assured me at that at that time that this would be one of the most amazing tributes to the King of Pop ever produced. Based on Steve’s assurances I took a chance and booked it as the world premiere and the only NYC appearance on one of the most important dates of Michael’s history - the First Anniversary of his death.

The media of course went wild paying tributes and highlighting Michael’s accomplishments and so we had a lot to live up to in not disappointing our audiences.

Not only was the show outstanding but it exceeded all of my expectations which after 30 years of presenting artists of various stature is not an easy task. In summary, our audience went wild: young and old, from different backgrounds -- they all came together in one of the most outstanding moments of our times when art imitates life. Young girls were screaming for Michael’s autograph and the audience did not want to leave the concert hall demanding to hear and see more, resulting in four curtain calls. The show was so successful that after numerous e-mails from our audience members asking for KING MICHAEL back we did book the show one more time for next season.

I am sure that Steve Love can present you with a sample video so you can see for your own eyes what a great production this is. I just want to lend my support to the show that really touched the hearts of my audience as well as mine.

Of course I will be happy to provide you with any additional details.

Many thanks for your serious consideration.

Most sincerely yours,

Eva Bornstein
Executive Director


Aug 14, 2010

The Freeman Stage at Bayside Almost 1,000 people came out last night for our final night of Tribute Week! "King Michael" - a tribute to Michael Jackson, was a show that you couldn't take your eyes off of! What talent! Thanks to all who came last night to contribute to our cause. We couldn't do it without you!

The Freeman Stage Blog, Presenter - Patti Grimes


Aug 25, 2010

The show was well received and everyone who attended only had but positive comments. The cast was great and easy to work with .... I hope they enjoyed their stay in Toronto.

Thanks for a great show! Please give them my regards .


Danielle Bourre


THE EX in TORONTO CANADA - From an excited audience member...
Aug 25, 2010

Dear Cast Members of King Michael,

I have just seen your mind-blowing tribute at CNE and I must say that YOU GUYS ROCKED MY WORLD! Sorry for shouting but that's the way I feel. It was as if I could see the real MJ. You made my birthday wish come true. Thanks so much for portraying our King of Pop so wonderfully, I have no words to express how awesome you guys are, especially the little Michael, he sounds and looks like the real one, maybe he needs some DNA done.. ooops, just joking here but the truth is that his resemblance is that close. Michael was all about the L.O.V.E. and that's the energy you pass on through your electrifying performance. I had no idea an artists could sing like him, which is amazing cause I've seen tons of impersonators and all they do is lip-synch. But you took the entire thing to greater heights.

God bless you all!

I love you mostest!


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