Jeffrey Perez


Jeffrey Perez

(90s’) MJ Tribute Artist, Singer and Dancer
Music has always been a big part of Jeffrey’s life and he’s not just any performer but indeed a special one. At the age of 1, he began to bounce to the beat of MJ’s Bad album and mimic the iconic legend. At the age of 3, he became obsessed with the entertainer. He then grew up mastering Michael’s sound, body language and look and has become a hit tribute performer.Jeffrey has been recently recognized by many respected artists and entertainers ranging from actor/comedian Mike Epps to Michael Jackson’s protege and Grammy Award-winner Chris Brown. He even got the stamp of approval by Michael’s father, Joe Jackson.

His recent video performance of “Leave Me Alone” made him a viral sensation with over 40 million views worldwide. This prompted an invitation for him to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres show which now has over 3 million views on YouTube!

Jeffrey gives back to his community by coaching a team for Arizona Thunder All-Stars in Peoria, Arizona.